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Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus is, simply put, the greatest champion in golf history. His record of achievement and sustained excellence within the game are unmatched.

Jack was recognized as golfer of the 20th Century or Golfer of the Millennium by almost every major golf publication and media outlet in the world. He was named Individual Male Athlete of the Century by Sports Illustrated and one of the 10 Greatest Athletes of the Century by ESPN. Jack has 120 professional tournament victories worldwide, and his major championship record remains unequalled: 18 professional major championship titles (six Masters, five PGA Championships, four U.S. Opens, three Open Championships).

As a Course Designer Jack has replicated his playing profile and is widely recognized as the greatest Golf Course Architect of the modern era.

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Eighteen hole champioship golf course

A Jack Nicklaus Signature design.

Eighteen hole champioship golf course

A Jack Nicklaus Signature design.

hole by hole

Hole No. 1

  • 398
  • 359
  • 306
  • 273
A fairly straight forward Par 4 that requires a well-placed drive to the left side of the fairway in order to open up the angle into the green. Longer players are rewarded early on for a big drive over the two fairways bunkers on the right side, those successful with be left with a short pitch shot to the green that slopes gently from left to right.

Hole No. 2

The ideal drive will land on the right side of the right to left sloping fairway, this will provide the best angle to approach the green. The green sits behind a large bunker protecting the left side, careful club selection is required to find this long narrow green.

Hole No. 3

Long Par 3 with a large waste bunker catching shots leaked out to the right. As the green feeds in from the front left side, golf balls played straight from the tee will gather nicely towards the middle of the green.

Hole No. 4

A long well placed tee shot down the right side of the fairway will leave you with the decision whether to take it home in two or to lay up down the right side of the approach. Players going with the lay-up option should be aware of the strategic bunkering around the green, second shots that are played aggressively down the right side have a bunker awaiting and also a tricky shot over the right green side bunker.

Hole No. 5

Drivable Par 4 offering a wonderful risk reward option for those who have the distance. The smart play is a 3 or 5 wood off the tee towards to the bunkers up the left side, this will leave around 100 meters to the green that sits on the water’s edge.

Hole No. 6

Lovely Par 3 that plays slightly uphill to a right to left sloping green. The two bunkers that sit on the low side of the green encourage players to play smart and up to the right side of the green where a well struck shot should work its way towards the middle of the green.

Hole No. 7

Another well positioned tee shot required to navigate between the fairway bunkers on the right and tree’s on the left. A well placed lay-up shot will be over the large bunker complex on the left side of the fairway, this will open up the angle to the green that is well protected by bunkers.

Hole No. 8

This is a decision hole, right or left fairway? The right fairway is the easier option but will leave a harder second, the left fairway is more challenging to find off the tee but will leave a better angle to green. With the green protected with a large deep bunker on the right the smart play is to the front left side leaving a straightforward putt.

Hole No. 9

A very pretty hole played through a valley and up towards the plateaux green. The further right you are off the tee the tighter the angle to green and so a well struck drive that challenges the bunkers on the left will set up a good birdie opportunity.

Hole No. 10

Beautiful par 3 with tee’s sitting up on the ridge played over water to the green sitting in the valley. Careful club selection is required to find the green
with over hit shots grabbed up by the small pot bunker at the back of the green.

Hole No. 11

Strong Par 4 with water left and a little stream running up the entire hole to the right side of the green. After the daunting tee shot most players will
favour the left side on approach, care should be taken further right as the green sits tight to the small stream.

Hole No. 12

Fantastic little Par 3 requiring another good tee shot to be hit to fit the middle of the green. With water left players will likely head to the right side of the
green, this will leave a tricky putt back down the green with water lurking at the back.

Hole No. 13

Fun little Par 4 that dog legs to the right. Another hole that can be driven by long hitters however players will likely opt to the left side leaving a short
pitch to the green that sits in the valley. One of Jack’s favourites.

Hole No. 14

Tee shot plays up and out of the valley to the ridge that is protected to the left side with two fairway bunkers. The second is reachable however a well-positioned lay-up shot to the right will open up the green and offer a great birdie opportunity.

Hole No. 15

Dogleg right with a lake and bunker to contend with off the tee. With the fairway sloping towards the water tee shots need to be up the left side, this will
also give the best angle into the green that is well protected on both sides.

Hole No. 16

Short Par 4 which again could be driven for those long hitters. Most will opt right off the tee which will leave a slightly longer approach straight up the
green. Accuracy is needed on the second shot in order to navigate the bunkers and nearby lake that sits to the left.

Hole No. 17

Tee shot will need to favour the left to avoid the solo bunker and also to reduce the length of the second shot. Take time to select your lay-up shot as
bunkers are well placed to snap up any loose hits. The narrow plateaux green needs careful club selection as run offs are present on both the back and front sides
leaving a tricky chip.

Hole No. 18

Dog leg left to finish with a bunker down the right side to avoid off the tee. A large green awaits however so too does water and two small pot bunkers.
Most will opt for safety and go right where there is plenty of room however a tricky little chip awaits. One of the strongest holes on the golf course.

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